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  • Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in December 2017
    9.29 out of 10

    It is one of our favorite hotels in India, and one of the best in the world.

  • The Imperial New Delhi   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in November 2017
    9.93 out of 10

    Brilliant... The hotel is elegant and comfortable. We loved our room and thoroughly enjoyed the food. View at breakfast was not the best however everything else was wonderful.

  • Taj Lake Palace   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in November 2017
    10.00 out of 10

    Phenomenal property but what made the trip was the service. Every single person was extremely kind and accommodating from the gentleman transferring us on the boat, to the reception staff, the restaurant staff, the spa and pool staff. I can’t say enough about the service and people. We were not only upgraded but allowed for a very early check in and very late checkout. This stay made my entire 11 day trip to India. It will always be a very special memory for me!

  • The Roseate New Delhi   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in November 2017
    10.00 out of 10

    This Hotel is a hidden Gem stunning grounds, even more enchanting in the evening. The manager on duty was amazing, he contacted us to move us to another room, we thought the room we were in was wonderful. We were given another beautiful spacious room with a steam/ shower, and outside access to the pool . The Manager introduced himself and even sent a very nice bottle of wine to our room. We had a dental emergency during the stay and the manager was again extremely helpful. He ensured that we got to the right location in New Delhi and that the clinic was reputable and was , dentist was excellent great results. Well done again

  • The Roseate New Delhi   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in October 2017
    9.48 out of 10

    This property surpassed my expectations- spacious beautiful rooms & the grounds were so very serene considering we were close to the airport & major road - none of which interfered with the calm. But it was an incredible escape away from the hubbub of Delhi. I wish I could've stayed longer.

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