Our Philosophy

At the core of Grand Luxury is a passion and unwavering love for luxury hotels, and a never-ending quest for excellence as we reveal the soul of places to our clients, and make them discover the most beautiful facets of any destination they go.

  • An exceptional selection

    Jean-Pierre Soutric

    Vice President Strategic Partnership

    Carefully curated collaborations for unique travel experiences. That's what we offer to our clients, striving for perfection every time so we make their travels more than just memories, but experiences they'll love to talk about.

    I've had a very long career in the hospitality industry, with more than 20 years with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as Vice President Sales EMEA, and 2 years with the Oetker Collection as CMO…

  • Unique partnerships

    Ivan Lartisien


    We build, with each of our partners, a close and excellent relationship to guarantee a red carpet treatment and the most personalized service for our guests.

    The story of Grand Luxury started in 2007, imagined by my brother and I in the small attic of a small Parisian building. If Grand Luxury is, today, a leading luxury travel company known worldwide, it's because of our connections...

  • The soul of places revealed

    Louise du Boislouveau

    Product Marketing Manager

    We give your travels a feeling of timelessness as we take you on a journey to the very depth of the destinations you always wanted to go. We meet the people on the inside track, and together, we create exceptional moments and unforgettable encounters.

    We took it upon ourselves to explore an untapped angle of luxury travel: the discovery of the soul of places. Hence the name...Immersion.

  • An unparalleled service

    Catherine Chaubeau

    Director of Human Resources

    Omnipresent to assist you with your trip to any destination, your Guest Experience Manager has the sole aim of ensuring the most perfect travel experience, accommodating any and all of your requests, and where possible, anticipating your needs ahead of time.

    When I met Ivan and Rouslan, I was immediately impressed by their vision, and their never-ending quest for excellence...in terms of service, the products they offer, and the people they surround themselves with...