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  • Acqualina Resort and Spa on the beach   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in January 2018
    10.00 out of 10

    Wouldn't stay anywhere else! Planning to go back in the future.

  • Acqualina Resort and Spa on the beach   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in January 2018
    9.20 out of 10

    We have stayed here several times. World class property.

  • The Whitby Hotel, Firmdale Hotels   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in January 2018
    9.43 out of 10

    My favorite hotel group. We have stayed at Crosby Street in NYC and Ham Yard in London. The Whitney is smaller but quite a gem! We loved it!! And the staff was beyond excellent. Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

  • The Peninsula Chicago   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in January 2018
    9.28 out of 10

    Awesome. Great location. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was super friendly.

  • Four Seasons Hotel Miami   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in December 2017
    8.21 out of 10

    Comfortable hotel in-line with what you would expect from this hotel chain. Beautiful pool and gymnasium.

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