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  • Raffles Dubai   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in September 2017
    9.96 out of 10

    Raffles Dubai was amazing. Staff were very friendly and obliging. Anthony in particular was fantastic.

  • Park Hyatt Dubai   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in August 2017
    9.52 out of 10

    I haven’t checked-out yet so I can’t judge the hotel on that but I’m sure it’s up to standard just like everything else about this magnificent hotel. It’s a peaceful oasis without much noise despite being close to the shopping center and a busy neighbourhood in Deira. I’ll definitely be back.

  • Jumeirah at Etihad Towers   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in August 2017
    9.69 out of 10

    After more than 50 years travelling around the world I would dare to say:It’s the best hospitality I ever had. The room, the room service, the restaurants, the lounges, the swimming pool with the lifeguards, what can you expect more! I felt well during all my stay. Once something did not work properly someone was giving me help within 5 to 10 minutes and I appreciated the call after the work doe to ask me whether everything was again ok. Exceptional service.

  • Park Hyatt Dubai   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in June 2017
    9.36 out of 10

    Hotel in a quiet and relaxing place in a beautiful setting (sea, greenery) The pool is a big highlight.

  • Park Hyatt Dubai   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in May 2017
    9.00 out of 10

    Park Hyatt has a lovely setting by the creek and is very handy for the airport. The staff were excellent and provided very good service, of particular note were the concierge/bell staff who were all extremely helpful.

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