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The best of both worlds on one website. The Grand Collection hotels are handpicked for their grandeur and timeless elegance whilst the Exigenz Collection boasts the most original and soulful luxury destinations in the world. Two complementary collections having in common the excellence of the hotel and staff services will ensure you a memorable stay.

The Grand Collection

The 150 best grand hotels worldwide

Five star hotels are many... but exceptional hotels are few. The Grand Collection was built up spurred by the desire to gather the best luxury hotels worldwide in an exclusive collection. To guarantee an exceptional stay to customers, the collection has been deliberately limited to less than 150 prestigious properties in the world, rigorously selected by an independent panel of experts for the quality of their decor, refinement of their atmosphere and excellence of their service.

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The Exigenz Collection

Hotels with a soul

Luxury hotels of the Exigenz collection all have in common this special character or soul that makes them so unique. If you like true luxury hotels with real originality and impeccable service, you will find a large selection of hotels to your taste in the Exigenz Collection.

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An ever evolving collection

  • Main selection criteria

    • Beautiful design
    • Refined atmosphere
    • Staff's caring attention and sophisticated service.
  • The selection process

    Only the very best hotels meeting the specified criteria are selected after a careful process and detailed inspections.

  • A scrupulous control

    Customer satisfaction surveys at the end of each stay and site inspections determine decisions and choices.

  • Contacts in each hotel

    We keep close and regular contacts to make sure our customers will experience a pleasant and satisfactory stay.

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