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Company overview

A world of perfection

At the end of 2007, two brothers, Ivan and Rouslan, holding positions of responsibility in marketing and international finance, decided to create together Grand Luxury Hotels to satisfy their shared passion for exceptional luxury hotels. Building on their thorough knowledge of the best luxury hotels in the world, on a good understanding of the evolution of trends in the sector and a precise anticipation of upscale customers' needs and expectations, they had a clear perception of what their concept would be: a unique restricted collection of the world's most outstanding luxury hotels, a revisited paradigm of grand luxury subtly combining the highest service quality with the most advanced modern tools, an uncompromising commitment to offer their most loyal clients unparalleled service and benefits in terms of booking, concierge service and assistance.

After several years, the concept has proved pertinent. Grand Luxury Hotels has gained recognition from the largest luxury hotel groups in the world and become one of their privileged partners ; the clients' satisfaction rate is remarkable and the number of repeaters is constantly growing. Grand Luxury Hotels ranks already among the European leading agents of the upmarket hotel industry segment with an accelerating rate of growth and an innovation level uncommon in the sector.

A word from our founders

Providing ultimate satisfaction to the most demanding clients

We are delighted to welcome you to our Grand Luxury collection of exceptional hotels. Our purpose is to propose, to discerning hotel lovers, the most beautiful hotels in the world, all dedicated to providing ultimate satisfaction to the most demanding clients.

These prestigious properties of rare elegance, sophistication and luxury where comfort, decoration, service, attention to the minutest details reach new heights of excellence will guarantee you an unforgettable and unparalleled experience.

We believe that collections selected with such a high degree of care deserve an equally high quality of the reservation and concierge services to make our guest experience as perfect as it should be.

Rouslan Lartisien & Ivan Lartisien
Co-founders, Grand Luxury Hotels

Client reviews

  • 9.50 out of 10

    I love the service and the care from my GEM Celine.

    J.R. — Client from United States

  • 10.00 out of 10

    We are extremely happy with the excellent service we continually receive from Grand Luxury Hotels

    M.F. — Client from United Kingdom

  • 10.00 out of 10

    Excellent, Sylvania was great and a big help

    R.E. — Client from United States

  • 10.00 out of 10

    I was absolutely delighted to have booked through you and I was very pleased with the Raffles Dubai I received all the benefits and an upgrade. I will book again through GLH without any hesitation.

    F.M. — Client from France

  • 10.00 out of 10

    They took care of all our bookings and made our Anniversary special.

    W.K. — Client from Canada

  • 9.63 out of 10

    A positive experience. They were very helpful for bookings, confirmations and organising our stay.

    P.R. — Client from France

  • 8.43 out of 10

    Again we had a very good experience. We appreciate the perks we get ( especially the room upgrade) and this is one of the main reasons to go your website first when we decide to travel.

    H.H. — Client from Netherlands

  • 9.00 out of 10

    It was a good experience so far and I'm considering to book through this service again.

    T.B. — Client from Switzerland

  • 9.25 out of 10

    Excellent organisation, impressive affiliation of top notch hotels, good and prompt service

    K.P. — Client from Switzerland

  • 9.25 out of 10

    The service is excellent and I would only book through you in the future.

    M.A. — Client from United States

  • 9.75 out of 10

    Highly recommended. I regret not having used Grand Luxury hotel for my previous trips. Reactive and effective.

    J.R. — Client from France

  • 9.00 out of 10

    A truly memorable experience Your advice and assistance contributed to the success of this weekend

    E.Q. — Client from France

  • 9.75 out of 10

    Always reliable. Hope that the Hotel portfolio expands , we have never been disappointed. The service makes you feel very special.

    K.K. — Client from United Kingdom

  • 10.00 out of 10

    Unquestionably we get better service an value for our money when we book through Grand Luxury Hotels.

    A.K.M. — Client from Cyprus

  • 10.00 out of 10

    We work with Virginie Rousset because my wife took another ten rooms. She is the absolute top

    M.G. — Client from Belgium

  • 10.00 out of 10

    Easy booking process and high quality

    F.D. — Client from France

  • 9.75 out of 10

    I was perfectly satisfied by the service offered by Grand Luxury Hotels who managed to book the reservation for me and handle all the technical details of my stay (restaurant reservations, shows, vehicles ...). In addition, the proposed hotel was of a good standard and met my expectations.

    G.P. — Client from France

  • 8.38 out of 10

    It's a nice interface between myself and the hotels. Giving a VIP sense towards hotels and restaurants.

    K.G. — Client from Sweden

  • 9.50 out of 10

    You are modern and innovative.

    M.D. — Client from Switzerland

  • 10.00 out of 10

    I’ve had the best hotel experiences with Grand Luxury Hotels. My experiences were exceptional, whether at the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok (upgraded 4 times), the Ritz Carlton Krabi (an incredible villa suite) in India in Jodhpur (best hotel experience in a huge suite and unimaginable service.) Great value for money at Adlon hotel Berlin (despite the number of rooms over 300 we always prefer much smaller hotels but for Berlin this hotel is very good) .......... Thank you and congratulations to all the team at Grand Luxury Hotels ( Looking forward to discover our bookings in Marrakech, Budapest, Prague, Brussels, and our hotels in India.)

    O.G. — Client from Belgium

  • 10.00 out of 10

    Great experience, I will definitely chose to stay with you again in the future. I spend more than 100 nights at hotels each year, and this was one of the best stay I ever had.

    S.C. — Client from Denmark

  • 8.25 out of 10

    This was my first experience with Grand Luxury Hotels and I was very pleased. The hotel was superb and all the GLH benefits were made available. Many thanks!

    J.B. — Client from United Kingdom

  • 9.88 out of 10

    Very good. I was upgraded to a fantastic suite which would have cost nearly three times the price that I paid.

    B.L. — Client from United Kingdom

  • 9.63 out of 10

    Exceptional! I feel like I have a roving assistant who is caring for me while I'm traveling!

    L.C. — Client from Philippines

  • 10.00 out of 10

    Excellent. I try to book all my hotels through GLH. I love the quality of the hotels you’ve selected. It makes all the difference.

    V.B. — Client from Switzerland

  • 10.00 out of 10

    Every property booked through Grand Luxury has been spectacular- places I most likely would not have found on my own. The concierge service is a terrific perk, plus the verified upgrades have immense added value.

    C.M.K. — Client from United States

  • 10.00 out of 10

    A very positive first time experience which we will repeat. The website is very user friendly and the LGem is very effective for keeping in touch with the hotel. It’s a first time experience we will undoubtedly repeat.

    J.L. — Client from Luxembourg

  • 10.00 out of 10

    I love booking with Grand Luxury Hotels because quality and service is always put first.

    J.B. — Client from Australia

  • 9.20 out of 10

    Great stay with nice additional benefits making a true difference

    M.X. — Client from Switzerland

  • 9.50 out of 10

    Perfect. The possibility of getting in touch with someone at any moment is a real plus.

    J.D. — Client from France

  • 10.00 out of 10

    First class. Super helpful and responsive from start to finish, and everything I asked for was delivered by the hotel exactly as I'd asked Sylvania - the flowers even arrived at exactly 9am. The upgrade we received was awesome. We will be using you guys again, no question.

    B.B. — Client from United Kingdom

  • 9.14 out of 10

    Excellent website. Valerie emailed immediately after booking. The hotel was wonderful. No complaints.

    S.W. — Client from United States

  • 9.75 out of 10

    Your level of service is outstanding, according to my experience. I checked in late in Milan' Mandarin Oriental. The hotel was rather full due to Fashion Week. I was assigned nice room and after one hour obviously stressed receptionist has called offering upgrade and plenty of apologies... It was quite funny. Thank you!

    M.D. — Client from Switzerland

  • 10.00 out of 10

    We always have a great experience when we deal with Grand Luxury Hotels and Zubair.

    G.M. — Client from Australia

  • 10.00 out of 10

    I am completely convinced by the service offered by Grand Luxury Hotels. I highly recommend it to friends and family. I also appreciated that when my LGEM wasn’t available, all of her colleagues made sure to make my experience as seamless as possible.

    S.B. — Client from Switzerland

  • 9.50 out of 10

    I am a frequent business and leisure traveller and have used different channels to book. This is by far the best. Responsive, simple, and delivered on special requests as promised.

    C.N. — Client from Hong Kong

  • 9.75 out of 10

    I use Grand Luxury Hotels as the superior choice when I am looking for exceptional experiences while travelling. Your choices are always of superb quality,, whether in the French Provence or in Berlin. Tnank you for doing a great job!

    U.E. — Client from Germany

  • 9.63 out of 10

    Love it. Saves my life as I am a frequent flyer!

    C.O. — Client from Italy

  • 8.57 out of 10

    love your prices, your upgrades and hotels.

    P.G. — Client from United States

  • 10.00 out of 10

    First class, it is always a pleasure and no request is too much trouble for the team.

    A.L. — Client from United Kingdom

  • 10.00 out of 10

    With a number of separate hotel bookings on this trip, it was very efficient and effective to have Natasha as our intermediary with the various hotels.

    C.B. — Client from United Kingdom

  • 8.75 out of 10

    The experience was first class as was the quality of the hotel. We got a double upgrade within days of booking and the price was the best available. I have recommended your website to colleagues and friends and it will be my first option for future bookings. Well done to all of your team.

    S.P. — Client from United Kingdom

  • 10.00 out of 10

    I will always choose a hotel that is affiliated with Grand Luxury Hotels - they are the pinnacle of comfort and grace

    A.V. — Client from United States

  • 9.00 out of 10

    It was the first time that i booked via Grand Luxury Hotel and I was very satisfied with the service that I received. I would definitely use this service again.

    C.F. — Client from Australia

  • 10.00 out of 10

    Great site, friendly, and they got me a sensational room upgrade and breakfast. This is travel upgraded.

    M.E. — Client from Brazil

  • 8.71 out of 10

    I am very happy because the site is very well made, simple, with interesting proposals and a selection of very high quality hotels. Also I am a little reassured that if something goes wrong with the hotel (it was only once) I can call you to discuss it. For all these reasons I’m sold.

    S.P. — Client from France

  • 9.60 out of 10

    A very positive experience. I highly recommend this website to others around me. The hotel is just as described and the benefits promised were delivered.

    E.K. — Client from Côte d’Ivoire

  • 9.50 out of 10

    Great response time, and very competent service, I am very happy to have found your site and will book through you again.

    R.P. — Client from France

  • 9.00 out of 10

    I like to book through GLH because it feels like I’m a privileged customer in the hotels we visit. It feels like you’re receiving a preferential treatment.

    D.S. — Client from Switzerland

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