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  • Bairro Alto   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in January 2016
    9.18 out of 10

    Excellent hotel. I will definitely return. Perfect staff, nice room, and there's a beautiful view of the Tagus River from the terrace bar.

  • Convento do Espinheiro   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in September 2015
    9.87 out of 10

    This hotel is absolutely perfect, the amenities are great and the staff is all smiles and very courteous. The hotel’s exteriors are sublime and a pleasure to visit and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Moreover, the Divinus, offers a great dining experience with tasty dishes and an excellent choice of wines. Same goes for the hotel’s other restaurants. I think i’ve found my little slice of paradise on earth

  • Penha Longa Resort   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in July 2015
    9.59 out of 10

    A very beautiful hotel tucked away in a calm and serene area, whilst still being close to Sintra, Cascais and Lisbon and though the building is quite big, the hotel still manages to feel very intimate. The clientele is varied (grandparents/parents/children, some quite young) but everyone is made to feel right at home. To sum it all up, we had a great holiday here, at once relaxing and activity filled, all in a spellbinding environment. It would be great to return to the Penha Longa.

  • Belmond Reid's Palace   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in April 2015
    9.65 out of 10

    We felt right at home we liked it thank you

  • Penha Longa Resort   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in April 2015
    9.17 out of 10

    Wonderful Resort.

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