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  • Le Bristol Paris   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in December 2014
    10.00 out of 10

    "The art of French living" has a name.. the Bristol Paris! The Palace is a beautiful oasis of happiness and excellence. Currently, the most awarded Palace throughout the city of light ... So you can not go wrong by choosing it. Your dreams will take shape in this timeless gem and extraordinary hotel!

  • Le Bristol Paris   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in December 2014
    10.00 out of 10

    The Original aspects of the hotel and the exceptional service make Le Bristol Paris the best luxury hotel, not only in the city of lights, but in Europe and in the world. However what makes le Bristol better than the rest cannot be seen with the eyes but is instead felt by the heart. You will find qualities here that go over and above excellent service as the staff have a sincere and heartfelt approach to their work. French “art de vivre” is given capital within these walls and we highly recommend this hotel.

  • Hôtel Plaza Athénée   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in November 2014
    9.93 out of 10

    Without any doubt one of the finest hotels in the world

  • Le Burgundy   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in November 2014
    8.75 out of 10

    Burgundy is a very nice hotel! We had a great time. Everybody was so friendly, everything was clean, nothing to complain... Only, the temperature of the water from the swimming pool was too low. It was not nice to stay in, so we left after 5 min.

  • The Peninsula Paris   ▪   Stayed at the hotel in November 2014
    9.28 out of 10

    To date for us, the level best of the establishement and of the past stay ! Very nice establishment

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