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  • C.N. — Germany

    The benefits were really great. I'm looking forward to book through GLH again.

  • C.L. — France

    A great experience. They treat you like a person and not a product.

  • J.B. — United States

    Very helpful and reassuring to have this service. I am an older person and like to deal with people, not digital voices. Vaneesha's emails were prompt, concise and helpful.

  • S.P. — United States

    I love it! I deal directly with Valerie via email. When I had some issues with the Imperial Hotel in Delhi she was able to suggest an alternative. I haven't followed up with that but I appreciated that she had other ideas for me. I find that the front desks are very bureaucratic, even when they're very friendly, so my LGEM Valerie helped smooth the way for me - after a transatlantic flight the last thing I want to deal with is a front desk person telling me I don't have free wifi!

  • N.C. — Russia

    I enjoyed it greatly. It definitely made my stay more comfortable. I was really pleased by the quality of the services rendered by your website and the feedback I got from Valerie. All the team performed perfectly well. I suggest using the same website while planning my future trips.

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